Cheese Making Kits Are Here -Only $10

We've assembled the finest cheese making supplies so you can easily make amazing chevre cheese in your own kitchen. The kit includes culture, rennet, calcium chloride, instructions, and a reusable cheese draining bag. With the kit, you'll be able to make goat cheese 10 times, each time transforming a gallon of fresh goat milk into about 1 1/2 pounds of delicious cheese. Like our milk, the kit is only available at our farm stand. It will not be shipped. 

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Making Pasteurized Chevre

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q- Are there other supplies needed?

A- In addition to 1 gallon of goat milk, you will need a stock pot, a cooking thermometer, a stainless steel slotted spoon, and a wood spoon. 

Q- Should I make a raw or a pasteurized cheese?

A- It's up to you. Detailed instructions are included in the kit. 


Q- How long does it take to make chevre? 

A- From start to finish, about 20- 24 hours. 

Q- Can I use cows milk instead of goats milk?

A- If you use cows milk, you will end up with cottage cheese. 


Q- What are your hours?

A- We are a self serve farm stand. You can come anytime. You can pay by cash or check.