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Baby Goat Socializing in April

Join us for a session of cuddling and socializing our newborn baby goats. Baby goats are known for their playful and curious nature. It's so much fun to watch them run, jump, and pile on top of eachother. You will get to hold, cuddle and play with a gaggle of baby goats. These baby goats will range in age from a few days to 3 weeks old. This experience is appropriate for anyone ages 4 and up. This event is held outside.

We are having our third annual Holiday Market on Saturday, November 26th from 12-4 at our Farm. We will be joined by Harvard Alpaca Farm . We will have:


  • Goat Petting

  • Locally Grown Organic Herbal Teas

  • Goat milk soap

  • Organic Skin Care Products

  • Alpaca Yarn

  • Alpaca toys, socks, mittens, hats & clothing

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